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How We Got Started

Beginning of January 2021 we purchased our home and I wanted a couple of outdoor cats. I found the 2 perfect Orange fur balls about 15 minutes away from us. I brought them home and fell in love with Catnip and Catsby! These two were so cuddly, kind and full of energy, I was addicted to their attitudes! As they got older I noticed how fast they were growing and couldn't believe a few months ago they were little butter balls. So I had a test run and found out they were part Maine Coon. So I started to dig a little more, finding some Maine Coon breeders. While talking and doing lots of research I filled my husband Chad in on my thought of breeding Maine Coons as I really enjoyed Catnip and Catsby! After some time of speaking to a few breeders I decided this was right for me. Catnip and Catsby were neutered a few weeks later and I brought home my first female Maine Coon. Shortly after that I found a male, and well here I am helping you find your Furever Maine Coon.

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